Dirt Road Cookers 8ft. Pizza - Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza- Hondo, Texas

Dirt Road Cookers

World's Biggest Pizza

"Where the Toppings Are Endless"



About Us

Dirt Road Cookers Mission is to have fun. We take our pizza cooking seriously. If we can help people along the way - even better. Some things are better than money. Faith, family, children, health and 8 foot pizzas. Book a pizza party and you will see. Check our calendar and maybe join us sometime. We invite the public to events. Contact us for the next event.

Dirt Road Cookers History began

Dirt Road Cookers Logo story is interesting. There are many different meanings in our logo.


Have you ever rolled into a town that you have never been to before and change their lives in a single day. This is not the main goal of the company but it is usually the outcome by the time our job is done. Our main goal is to feed the crowd or party, with a variety of pizza flavors on one pizza pie. Our main goals are to entertain people watching us do our job, expand dreams of young mind by letting them become involved, and we give individuals an opportunity to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. We are The Dirt Road Cookers and were asked to attend the Kolache Fest in Hallettsville, TX, they were interested in our idea of larger pizzas but they wanted a large kolache for their festival. On the day of the event, we showed up as strangers, as we set up we noticed everyone was expecting us. Starting my job off with a pizza; I had gained the help of a few young teenagers, the first being Hunter, within the first few minutes. These kids made the entire pizza without my help, I couldnít help but smile. These kids came together as a team and made an eight foot pizza for the town. After cooking, handing out all the slices, and a few interviews, we decided to start on their kolache. This was defiantly team effort between two companies. After about an hour or two the dough was finally stretched to size, and the topping went on. This was the point when I started to worry, the oven was at the perfect temp but there was a storm cloud close by. As soon as the kolache was put into the oven it started to rain. As time went by, knowing that the kolache that we have studied, worked on, and waited for, for so long was being destroyed in front of us. The whole town watched in silence, my heart dropped. After about half the cooking time, somebody brought out a canopy to cover and protect the kolache from any more damage, it was put up in just seconds, and the town cheered. We were able to finish cooking this monster of a pastry, I asked Kayla if it was still edible, he showed no response. It didnít matter if it was edible or not we had to pull it out of the oven. The town came together some carried the six foot kolache others carried the canopy as if it was an umbrella. The whole town stared at this soggy kolache in silence. Even though it was soggy in parts I found a few spots that were edible, I grabbed a piece, dipped it, ate it and yelled dig in; the town cheered and followed the lead. As tears of joy rolled down my face I felt the real reason of starting this company.

Dirt Road Cookers team is tight. There are 8 team members: Kurt Oefinger,Matt Leggett,Alex Rymers,Andrew Kammer,Jay Iltis,Chris DeHart,Greg DeHart,Warren Haby.



737 cr 365, Hondo, Texas 78861



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